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Thank you to our Volunteers

Our volunteers enrich student journeys, contribute to life saving research, and activate UWA’s presence in Western Australia and throughout the world, they are the vital heartbeat of our community.

New volunteer roles to help our students and community thrive

Volunteer Rights and Responsibilities

The University of Western Australia will ensure that volunteers:

  • Work in a healthy and safe environment and be adequately covered by insurance. The University has in place a group personal accident policy for volunteer workers conducting authorised University activities. Volunteers engaged in activities for, or on behalf of, the University may also be covered in the event of a third party claim under UWA’s Public Liability Insurance. This cover only applies to volunteering activities undertaken with the knowledge and approval of the University. Any person volunteering with UWA should comply with UWA’s Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct
  • Receive an orientation and sufficient training or briefing to do their job
  • Have confidential and personal information dealt with in accordance with the principles of the Privacy Act 1988
  • Have access to a grievance procedure

Volunteer responsibilities include:

  • Following policies and procedures of UWA
  • Being loyal, dependable and reliable
  • Respecting and maintaining privacy and confidentiality
  • Maintaining safe practices in accordance with health and safety

Thank you once again for your generous volunteer time. For more information or to contact us please email alumnirelations@uwa.edu.au

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