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Dr Rebecca Steingiesser is a clinical neuropsychologist, clinical psychologist and Director of both the Assessment Service and Internship Program at The LightHouse Arabia Centre, a private psychology clinic in Dubai.

Following the completion of her honours degree at UWA, she took advantage of an opportunity to gain experience in the field of neuropsychology with a role as a research assistant on a large-scale national Alzheimer’s disease research project. She completed her doctorate in the combined Doctor of Clinical & Clinical Neuropsychology program at UWA before relocating, with her husband, to the United Arab Emirates, putting her skills into practice in the Dubai community. Rebecca relocated to Melbourne and then Perth to start her family while she continued to work in various private and public health settings, inlcuding the role of Acting Senior Clinical Neuropsychologist Coordinator of the paediatric program in the neurosciences unit of the North Metro Health Service in Perth. After almost five years back in Australia, Rebecca returned to Dubai in 2019 for a “second tour" in the UAE, this time with two little girls in tow.

From UWA to the UAE

During my time at UWA it didn't occur to me that a career in Psychology could involve exciting international adventures. Luckily, my husband is also a third-culture kid and was equally excited about exploring the world together. Somehow we made it work and have both had thriving careers in the various countries and cities we have lived in. We love Dubai and decided to once again call it home. There is something very rewarding about bringing our unique experiences to the international melting pot that is the UAE and working hard to serve communities and cultures who are still learning to embrace our expertise.

Promoting the wellbeing of the Middle East

I work in a part of the world where mental health unfortunately still carries a heavy weight of stigma. The community mental health and wellness clinic I work for in Dubai, The Lighthouse Arabia, has strived relentlessly toward the ultimate goal of promoting the wellbeing of the Middle East through accessible, quality mental health and grief support services across age ranges, informed by research and committed to a culture of care. I find it very rewarding working on such a valuable goal and would be privileged to one day see the Emirates complete an official Mental Health Act to formalise mental health services in the Emirates.

For children and families in desperate need

Children are my passion. I have always struggled seeing children in pain and suffering and I believe that, in most cases, this suffering can either be avoided or alleviated. As a paediatric neuropsychologist, I have worked with many children with extraordinarily devastating early childhood experiences, from traumatic birth, extreme prematurity, exposure to trauma, neglect and abuse, to cancer, genetic disorders and, in many cases, a combination of several such experiences.

My aim is to help clients and their families understand their child's challenges, identify strengths and weaknesses and collectively assist in determining an appropriate plan for the longer-term management of their child's needs. More often than not, just one assessment like this can have enormous positive outcomes for children and their families in desperate need of answers.

Words of wisdom

You never know where life and the world will take you. Set bold goals and work hard to achieve them.

The Lighthouse Arabia is recruiting Clinical Psychologists to join their team in Dubai. For more information, please contact: Sarah Siddiqui at