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EZONE 4D Learning Environment
Faculty of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences

This project aims to provide students and community members with a virtual, interactive and immersive experience of UWA’s eco-friendly EZONE in its various stages of construction.

A cross-community collaboration, the EZONE student hub represents the latest in innovative building design; incorporating solar, wind turbine, electric battery and digital applications for a low carbon footprint.

UWA students have been capturing and stitching photos during the EZONE construction. An Alumni Fund grant would support their web development of a virtual EZONE site, showing various time-points and viewpoints during EZONE's construction. The site would enable students across engineering, architecture and computing disciplines to learn from a world-class building site, gaining a greater understanding of complex design and practice, stakeholder management, safety on construction sites, project management and sustainable building.

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From Field to Space
Faculty of Science

This project aims to enhance the learning and skills development of Master of Environmental Science students in monitoring and analysing field data using advanced technology.

An Alumni Fund grant will allow eight high-achieving students to undergo an intensive, beyond-the-classroom experience, working with leading and innovative technology to explore advanced spatial analytics and field and satellite earth observation data.

In collaboration with the Indian Ocean Marine Research Centre, students will utilise drones, nano-satellites, and machine learning to map the north-west coastal-marine region, containing two world heritage sites. WA’s fishing and tourism sectors depend on a healthy environment and this project will help students gain the skills to enhance environmental knowledge and monitoring of our coastal areas.

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Virtual Reality Paediatrics Program
Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences

This project aims to innovate the learning experience for third year medical students, enhancing their clinical skills and confidence in treating sick children within a safe training environment.

Currently, medical students are limited in their efforts to gain practical knowledge and skills in paediatrics due to industry restrains. Virtual reality (VR) breakthroughs enable simulated tech-based learning and skills application in healthcare.

An Alumni Fund grant will allow medical students' access to a cutting-edge digital learning platform through a pilot program. This will help students to further practise their skills outside the classroom, making real time decisions on paediatric patients in a safe, immersive and supportive environment, enhancing their capabilities as our future doctors.

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